Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smoke on the Water

"Smoke on the Water" was written in 1944 by Zeke Clements and recorded shortly thereafter by Red Foley.

There will be a sad day comin
For the foes of all mankind
They must answer to the people
And its troubling their mind
Everybody who must fear them
Will rejoice on that great day
When the powers of dictators
Shall be taken all away

Therell be smoke on the water
On the land and the sea
When our Army and Navy overtakes the enemy
Therell be smoke on the mountains
Where the Heathen Gods stay
And the sun that is risin
Will go down on that day

For there is a great destroyer
Made of fire and flesh and steel
Rollin toward the foes of freedom
Theyll go down beneath its wheels
Therell be nothing left but vultures
To inhabit all that land
When our modern ships and bombers
Make a graveyard of Japan


Hirohito long with Hitler
Will be ridin on a rail
Mussolinill beg for mercy
As a leader he has failed
But therell be no time for pity
When the Screamin Eagle flies
That will be the end of Axis
They must answer with their lives

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sadies - "Cut Corners"

The second single from The Sadies' album, Darker Circles.
Video is directed by Rick White of Eric's Trip / Elevator fame.

"Yellow Sarong "

Here's a great song by Yo La Tengo ...and some images.

"I'm going where those chilly winds don't blow"

Peter Rowan & Tony Rice perform "Cold Rain and Snow"

Pre - Rockabilly

David Bromberg performs "Sloppy Drunk"

Public Service Announcements against the use of illegal drugs

Here's the legendary Mel Blanc and his fantastic and unforgettable anti-narcotics PSA's, as 'Mel Blanc' and five of his most famous Warner Brothers cartoon characters.

Thrill to Porky at a smoky, scary drug party and being offered animal tranquilizers, Yosemite Sam searching for tough guys not softened up by hard drugs to duel with, and so much more.

Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Foghorn Leghorn Mel Blanc himself Porky Pig Yosemite Sam

''Cooking fresh food for a husband's just a drag''

In this short film, a “typical” housewife from the 1950s takes some LSD -- in the name of research-- and answers a bunch of questions.