Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you ready?

Mudcrutch covers a Byrds' classic

Mudcrutch is a rock band from Gainesville, Florida best known for being the forerunner of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Wall Of Voodoo Covers Cash

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Classic 70's Public Service Announcement (PSA) that tells us of the horrors of Cable Television.

An "Anti-cable" television ad from the 70's (then known as Pay-TV) to discourage viewers to support cable television. Ironically, they encouraged people to support the movie theaters. Just some ploy by Network television companies to eliminate the competition from cable TV.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dementia (1955)

"May be the strangest film ever offered for theatrical release." -Variety

Dementia (also released as Daughter Of Horror) is a film noir style romp through a young woman's insanity. There is no dialogue, only the narrator (Ed McMahon) speaks, against a musical backdrop.

The film is perhaps most famous for its appearance in The Blob, where it is the movie playing in the theater when the Blob strikes.

As the narrator invites us to explore the horrors of an insane mind, a young woman wakes from a nightmare in a cheap hotel room. We follow her through the skid-row night and encounters with an abusive husband; a wino; a pimp and the rich man he panders for; a flashback to her traumatic childhood (she killed her father after witnessing him murder her mother); violence; pursuit through dark streets… Again the young woman wakes up. Was it only another nightmare?


Produced by: John Parker
Written & Directed by: Bruno VeSota
Cinematography by: William C. Thompson
Film Editing by: Joseph Gluck
Production Design by: Ben Roseman
New Original Score by: Tom Fahy

Adrienne Barrett ... The Gamine
Bruno VeSota ... Rich Man
Ben Roseman ... Gamine's Father / Plainclothes Cop
Richard Barron ... Evil One
Ed Hinkle ... Butler
Lucille Rowland ... Gamine's Mother
Jebbie VeSota ... Flower Girl
Faith Parker ... Nightclub Dancer
Gayne Sullivan ... Wino
Shorty Rogers ... Jazz Musician
Shelley Berman ... Stoned Beatnik
Jonathan Haze ... Character
Angelo Rossitto ... Newsboy

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1970 hanna-barbera anti-drug PSA

Classic 70's Public Service Announcement (PSA) against the use of illegal drugs that was produced by HANNA-BARBERA. TRIPPY!

I have serious doubts that this clip is going to be effective in reducing illegal drug consumption. It might work to convince parents that something is being done about the "drug menace" (which a cynic may argue is the primary role of many anti-drug PSAs).